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Jennifer Lee

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Jennifer Lee


Everything that exists leaves a trace, and I strive to express it. Specifically, everything I see is imprinted with colors and shapes through light, leaving behind traces of memories.

Rather than leaving those traces as vague memories or colorless, meaningless remnants in the blurred memories or subconscious, I pick up a brush and add the yearning of my heart to the colors I can express. I want to share with you my feelings, emotions, and the stories of those moments. I blend paints, create textures, and tell stories in my own way by harnessing both my intuition and imagination. The traces of light that enter through my eyes are recreated anew at my fingertips. Through this process, I encapsulate stories and convey my experiences. I hope that when you look at my work, you’ll pause for a moment to hear my story.

Everyone lives while reminiscing. It could be regrets about the irretrievable past or fantasies about different places and times. Through my artwork, I want to transport you to a different dimension that I’ve created. In that place, I hope you can forget all the pain, regrets, and weariness you’re feeling right now and immerse yourself in deep contemplation.



The life of an artist is an endless struggle against despair for the joy of creation. I strive to vividly express the beauty around me in my own way, using light, color, and texture to convey my inner emotions. In this process, what I see blends with the colors of my emotions. I draw what I want to draw based on my own will, not someone else’s demands. I often paint landscapes, as they are the best at capturing yearning, but when my mind is in turmoil, I also paint still lifes. And when there’s no other way to express my heart, I immerse myself passionately in abstraction.

I aimed to convey reality while incorporating the flow of sensory thinking, adding the flow and tremors of light, the temperature of colors, emotions, and subconscious elements. Through these works, everything about me transitions into the artworks. I hope my life and existence resonate with someone through my arts. I eagerly anticipate the moment when my work captivates someone’s eyes and stirs their soul—a moment when my creation becomes a masterpiece. Today, I pick up the brush to divide the moments of my remaining life.


I majored in industrial design in college. I’ve been certified as a design practical teacher, art psychotherapist, and reading tutor, and I’ve worked as a teacher at a children’s art institute and managed it as well. I also worked as an after-school art teacher at a small elementary school in the countryside. Driven by my deep passion for art, I asked Jinwoo Kim to mentor me. Under his guidance, I’ve been honing my skills for over 10 years, and it’s been about 7 years since I showed my work to the world.

The time when I embarked on my artistic journey coincided with the most painful period of my life. It was when my twin daughters were born, and tragically, my eldest daughter passed away just 10 months later. This agonizing period led me to delve deeper into the world of art. From then on, I viewed the act of creating art as a form of inner therapy, recovery, and regeneration—a way to heal my soul. I believe this process allows me to pour all the emotions and experiences I’ve had in my remaining life into my art. Through this journey, my artworks compress every moment of pain and joy, despair and happiness that exist within me.

In the midst of this process, I realized, through an exploration of the essence of art, that its foundation lies in light, and that light is the reason for the existence of this world. Just as scientists say that in quantum mechanics, the state is determined through observation, the creation and appreciation of artworks ultimately fall within the realm of working with light through observation. I came to understand that this is the essence of our existence in this world. We are all products of light.



I divide the rest of my life into my artwork. At some point, I became captivated by the desire to convey these emotions as they are, without anyone altering them arbitrarily. Therefore, I started documenting the emotions and thoughts accompanying each piece in short writings, hoping that even in the future, I would not modify them.

I create art based on personal inspiration, and I believe that the artistic process evolves. However, I refuse to limit my creative efforts by confining myself to a specific genre.



The Works


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Aspirations Ⅱ

Aspirations Ⅰ

Faded memories

A midsummer afternoon vibe Ⅰ

Frozen Time Ⅳ

Apple Blossom 2024

Ocean Planet With Three Suns Ⅱ

Ocean Planet With Three Suns Ⅰ

Frozen Time Ⅲ

The Melody of Angels Ⅱ – Ver.4

The Melody of Angels Ⅱ – Ver.3

When autumn falls

Frozen time Ⅰ,Ⅱ

The Melody of Angels Ⅱ – Ver.2

When Longing ComesⅡ

Under the late summer sunshine

Another gesture

Sweet Memories in Cherries

Color of Autum

Dazzlingly Beautiful…

Time in a bottle

A sea of three suns I

The Melody of Angels II (A sea of three suns Ⅴ)


While the waves were knocking me down… II

In to the storm

magnolia Ⅱ


I’m still in the winter…

Colored by you Ⅱ

Yesterday’s tomorrow

When longing comes

Steel rain

Eye of the Wise Crow

A sea of three suns III

A sea of three suns II

The Melody of Angels I

Golden gift

In the autumn, there was a forest.

Figures in mosaic windows

I see you II


The cold seeps into the snowflakes

Sweaty Cherries

Apple I, 2022

Apple II, 2022

Cherry blossom I

Wound and memory

The color of May

Cherry blossom III

Apple blossom II

Crape myrtle

Temptation of lotus leaves

A midsummer afternoon vibe II

Peach blossom

I see you



Unfamiliar autumn

The sound of the stream

Longing is dyed with colors

Road in a dream

Spring, which has come in winter


Winter in hometown

When autumn falls

Late autumn scenery

Lying on the beach

Mirror lake


Hotel St. John’s

When the waves are raging

Story of the Sky

While the Waves Were Knocking Me Down…

When Longing Comes

Once Again, Today

While the waves were knocking me down… II

Colored by you

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