A sea of three suns I


Category: Abstract(Semi abstract), The Journey of Reflection and Change

There is a sea where three suns rise.
It’s a very deep, cold, lonely place.
Stormy currents shake and throw me away.
There’s no night here.
I need to sleep.
So I have to go down to the abyss.
But the abyss where even the three suns lose their light is pain itself.
I lose my mind.
Obviously I exist.
But I don’t know why I exist
Why am I living in this painful place?
Who, why, filled my DNA with life’s desires?
Having lost my mind in the abyss, I open my eyes under the three suns again.
And I fall into an unknown fear.

Title A sea of three suns I
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme abstract
Size 91 x 46cm
Year 2022