Frozen Time Ⅳ


Category: Abstract(Semi abstract), The Journey of Reflection and Change

Within the delicate, crystalline structure of a crystal lies the essence of existence.

In it, I see the concept of temporal frozenness,

where fragments of time are intricately intertwined to create a single, immutable moment.

Like a crystal, our lives are made up of a myriad of moments,

each distinct yet interconnected to form an intricate pattern of our existence.

I see the ephemeral nature of time and the immutable beauty found in fleeting moments.

Just as light refracts and dances within the facets of a crystal,

the peaks and valleys of human emotions and experiences are contained within a specific time frame.

With the continuation of my Frozen Time series,

I hope to freeze time as a poignant reminder of the ephemeral nature of life

and the profound beauty found in each moment.

I hope that even in the relentless passage of time, the crystals of memory and reflection will be forever imprinted on the universe.


Title Frozen Time Ⅳ
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Landscape, Still Life
Size 73 x 50cm
Year 2024