Golden gift


Category: Abstract(Semi abstract)

Adorned with small and large golden beads,
this space is a realm from my lazy childhood afternoons’ dreams.
In the enchanting dreams of my girlhood,
I received shimmering, golden beads as a gift from my future self.
The scene within the painting is a boundary of dreams
crafted by my young heart,
where I would lie on my bed and indulge in leisurely imaginings,
merging the emotions of hope and fear.
Amidst this serene space,
the radiant golden beads gradually emerge.
These beads hold the memories of beloved individuals
I have
yet to meet in the future.
Here, even the image of my little angel,
so fragile and fleeting, seems frozen like an incomplete work of art,
held within these imperfect beads.
I long for it. Intensely long for it.
Life is a splendid blessing.
Yet within it brims an unfathomable depth of sorrow.

Title Golden gift
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme abstract
Size 100 x 66cm
Year 2023