Late autumn scenery


Category: Landscape

It snowed unexpectedly in late autumn.
I can see some trees that have not fallen all the leaves.
The appearance of a low lying country house avoiding the wind is friendly.
The nature of the place
has a unique warmth from disconnection.
A landscape that seems to have stopped at a certain moment in the past
There are memories of my childhood where the lady next door seems to call my name even now.
It’s such a complicated world.
There remains the appearance of the hometown where modern people
who are tired of constant competition want to rest.
I hope that the scenery of the countryside, which has left in the word of discomfort and has been forgotten,
will now be a small comfort to someone who wants to rest and return to their hometown.

Title Late autumn scenery
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Scenery
Size 76 x 28cm
Year 2021