Mirror lake


Category: Landscape

This lake is called Mirror Lake because it is clear like a mirror.
It is said that on the day when the moon rises above this lake,
people in the past drank with their friends.
Whenever that happens, it is said that five moons rise here.
“One moon in the sky, another moon in the lake,
another moon in the glass, and two moons in your eyes!”
And it is said that there is a golden fish living in this lake.
After a lot of rain in the middle of summer,
a beautiful silver fish comes to the lake from the sea,
and after laying eggs in search of a golden fish,
they leave for the sea together.
If the two fish cannot meet,
it will rain every day in the summer of that year.

Title Mirror lake
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Scenery
Size 72 x 34cm
Year 2021