Ocean Planet With Three Suns Ⅱ



When I started this series, I often imagined an ocean planet with three suns.
At the time, I was working on another piece based on snowflake objects.
I closed my eyes for a moment out of tiredness, and I had a lucid dream that was right on the border between dream and reality. Dreams often have a beauty and richness of imagination that surpasses reality.
In that dream, the ocean planet with three suns was shaped like a blue orb, flowing between snowflake objects and lights. Dreams exist in a space and time far removed from reality, even if I don’t attach any meaning to them. This dream is the world of my unconscious mind, and the lights, colors, and shapes fascinate me, blurring the lines between dream and reality. This is a journey into my inner world that has been hidden, and in it, I am free. In this moment, you too will be free from all the restraints that bind you.


Title Ocean Planet With Three Suns Ⅱ
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Abstract
Size 61 x 68cm
Year 2024