Category: Landscape

This world is sometimes unrealistic.
War and starvation on the other side of the world are definitely happening,
but today I live my given life.
I will suffer from loss here someday, and I will leave it to my loved ones.
These things happen around me all the time, but I forget.
Because now it seems unrealistic to me.
I sometimes paint images projected into the water.
Unlike the life of oblivion that I live in now,
the image projected into the water sometimes feels more realistic.
Maybe my life is also a hologram projected in three dimensional space time,
as scientists say.
I think I exist? Is it because it exists?
Meaning of life? A lot of people define life with various rhetoric,
but did they find meaning of life?
Maybe life is just living. Like the characters in the hologram…

Title Projection
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Scenery
Size 30 x 85cm x 4pieces
Year 2021