Story of the Sky


Category: Landscape

The sky… The endless canvas of God!
The sky sends me a message every day, every moment.
It’s both a pleasant blue color and an unknown purple shadow.
I sometimes want to read the sky.
And I want to tell the story of the sky of every moment to many people.
Reading pictures! It’s a story that’s extremely objective based
the emotions and experiences of the viewer
It can be adapted and delivered in thousands of ways.
Like this, the story of sky is always changing.
The sky hidden in the dark appears in the break of dawn,
tells numerous stories, and disappears over the sunset.
Many of those wishes that you made while watching the sunrise
may be engraved in the sky that afternoon.
According to the fluctuation of my heart,
according to the shaking of my heart,
I grab a brush today and capture the sky
that I don’t know if it’s the canvas of God or the sound of my heart.

Title Story of the Sky
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Scenery
Size 75 x 37cm
Year 2022