The Melody of Angels I


Category: Abstract(Semi abstract), The Journey of Reflection and Change

The Melody of Angels, the dazzling sun at the forefront of the three suns,
outshines all others.
The sky basks in its radiance, and the desolate sea is bathed in a warm,
comforting light.
Those who gaze upon it are filled with hope,
as if a celestial symphony of unparalleled beauty were being performed just for them.
This sun embodies fantasy and holiness, its light purifying the once hopeless sea.
The Angel’s Melody resonates like the choir of angels,
infusing my heart with peace and solace.
Beneath the Angel’s Melody, I cannot help but feel humble
in the face of such grandeur.

Title The Melody of Angels I
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme abstract
Size 98 x 40.5cm
Year 2023