While the waves were knocking me down… II


Category: Landscape

The passing of time makes me infinitely feeble and powerless.

Any hope of a carefree life is always washed away by those rough waves.

The force of destiny, just like that wave, will one day break me into pieces like sand and scatter me all over.

However, today I am holding a moment in my life and standing here.


[Artist statement]

This artwork is an experimental circular canvas piece that I’m trying out for the first time.

Rocks and waves look like continents and oceans in a circular canvas.

In this piece, rocks represent stability and balance in human life, while waves symbolize instability and challenges.

The collision of these two elements eventually unites as one, similar to how destiny confronts the constant passage of time.

To depict this, I used dynamic brushstrokes to bring the vibrant waves to life while maintaining a realistic foundation.

I hope this wave also evokes a resonance within your heart.


Title While the waves knocking me down… II
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Landscape
Size ø :108cm
Year 2023