While the waves were knocking me down… II


Category: Landscape

The passage of time renders me increasingly fragile and powerless.
Any aspirations of a carefree existence are consistently eroded
by the relentless onslaught of those tumultuous waves.
The inexorable force of destiny, much like that relentless wave,
will eventually shatter me into fragments akin to grains of sand,
dispersing me far and wide.
Nonetheless, today I grasp a moment in my life and stand resolute.
This artwork is an experimental circular canvas piece,
marking my inaugural endeavor into this form.
Within the circular canvas, rocks and waves take on
the appearance of continents and oceans.
In this composition, rocks symbolize stability and equilibrium
in human life, whereas waves represent instability and challenges.
The convergence of these two elements ultimately coalesces as one,
mirroring how destiny grapples with the ceaseless flow of time.
To convey this, I employed dynamic brushstrokes to imbue vitality
into the vibrant waves while preserving a foundation grounded in realism.
I wish that this wave will also resonate deep within your heart.

Title While the waves were knocking me down… II
Name Jennifer Lee
Classification Oil on canvas
Theme Scenery
Size ø :108cm
Year 2023