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Welcome to the world of Jennifer’s works.

Everything that exists leaves a trace, and I strive to express it. Specifically, everything I see is imprinted with colors and shapes through light, leaving behind traces of memories.

Rather than leaving those traces as vague memories or colorless, meaningless remnants in the blurred memories or subconscious, I pick up a brush and add the yearning of my heart to the colors I can express. I want to share with you my feelings, emotions, and the stories of those moments.

I blend paints, create textures, and tell stories in my own way by harnessing both my intuition and imagination. The traces of light that enter through my eyes are recreated anew at my fingertips. Through this process, I encapsulate stories and convey my experiences. I hope that when you look at my work, you’ll pause for a moment to hear my story.

Everyone lives while reminiscing. It could be regrets about the irretrievable past or fantasies about different places and times. Through my artwork, I want to transport you to a different dimension that I’ve created. In that place, I hope you can forget all the pain, regrets, and weariness you’re feeling right now and immerse yourself in deep contemplation.

The life of an artist is an endless struggle against despair for the joy of creation. I strive to vividly express the beauty around me in my own way, using light, color, and texture to convey my inner emotions. In this process, what I see blends with the colors of my emotions. I draw what I want to draw based on my own will, not someone else’s demands. I often paint landscapes, as they are the best at capturing yearning, but when my mind is in turmoil, I also paint still lifes. And when there’s no other way to express my heart, I immerse myself passionately in abstraction.

I aimed to convey reality while incorporating the flow of sensory thinking, adding the flow and tremors of light, the temperature of colors, emotions, and subconscious elements. Through this work, everything about me transitions into the artwork. I hope my life and existence resonate with someone through my art. I eagerly anticipate the moment when my work captivates someone’s eyes and stirs their soul—a moment when my creation becomes a masterpiece. Today, I pick up the brush to divide the moments of my remaining life.

  • David

    Hello, Jennifer

    Cheers for your great art journey!
    You’ve already had many times of pain
    I think it’s time for a happy time to come!
    I look forward to your great performance on the world stage!
    Cheer up!!


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