"A sea of three suns Series: A Journey of Reflection and Change“

Through the series "Three Suns Rising Over the Sea," I aim to present a captivating narrative that deeply resonates with huma n e motions. This series assigns symbolic meaning to distant planetary systems where three suns rise through spiritual communion, exploring the inner self suffering in a harsh and tumultuous world tainted by war, disaster, and violence.

Through this journey, I sought to redefine contemporary art not as the isolated endeavor of individuals but as an interconnec ted aspect of human existence. I have been exploring ways to engage the viewer as a catalyst for contemplation, transformative thinking, and resilient positive act ion . This process encompasses not only creative expression within the artwork but also challenges various artistic conventions influenced by societal, cultural, and ed ucational factors that have shaped my thinking up to this point.

This series aims to provoke a profound reconsideration of the meaning of our existence through deep contemplation of our coll ect ive responsibility as stewards of this world. It strives to move beyond traditional modes of thinking to reveal the grandeur inherent in life, combining striking co lor s, intense compositions, and personal narrative to reshape the traditional framework of art and create immersive experiences beyond mere aesthetic appreciation.

The artworks encourage viewers to reflect and contemplate the fragility and preciousness of life by comparing the world withi n t he artwork to our own reality. Extracted from the subconscious, vivid colors symbolize the power of hope and change within the human psyche. Individuals pos ses s free will as unique entities, yet they exist as part of a connected and shared humanity.

Ultimately, if the existence of humanity were to be documented in the distant future, individual histories would fade away, l eav ing only the history of the species known as humanity. Ultimately, humanity can be seen as a unified entity, and all individuals, past, present, and future, become par t o f the continuous flow of the species.

Individuals are inherently filled with desires and selfishness, a primal instinct imprinted in DNA for survival. However, eve n t his diversity of individuals ultimately forms part of the larger flow of humanity. I have realized through my profound personal experiences that what I once mistook for un iqu e to myself is, in essence, universal experiences with varying degrees.

This world is a stage of suffering, from the moment of birth, humans are immersed in suffering. Through the "Three Suns Risin g O ver the Sea" series, I aim to capture the process of healing and recovery of the inner self. I hope that as you view these artworks, my experiences are transmitted to you, and you find resonance with your own self.