Fragments of Light and Color: I want to connect with you.

This world is composed of light, and it's light is imprinted with color by the human eye. When it comes to painting abstracts , m y goal is to reconstruct and create anew this light that exists in the world. To me, this process is not vastly different from spheroidization that doesn't rely on the unintended pro per ties of matter or chemical changes. I extract fragments of what's inside me into colors in the direction I intend.

As a painter, the emotions and stories I aim to convey through abstraction are translated into individual forms with colors, tex tures, and brightness.

I immerse myself in abstraction to express emotions ranging from deep emptiness, sadness, anger, and passion to the resonance of healing and recovery. During the process of abstraction, I also keep short notes of my emotions. I've seen many critics describe the masterpieces of great artists and en cou ntered those who claim that art must be understood on its own. However, I've often found that truly understanding an artist's emotions can be challenging.

While some argue that art should be understood as it is, I leave these words for those who share my thoughts. So, when you un der stand my work, I believe you'll connect with me and experience an emotional resonance.

Abstract art can be quite enigmatic and challenging to comprehend. Some claim that the obscurity itself carries meaning, whil e o thers explain it in terms of design elements. Whatever it may be, I want to introduce my own approach.

I want to leave notes as a proactive intent of the artist, and it's up to the viewer to accept it, as is often the case. I ha ve a desire for no one to interfere with my work. I hope they don't reinterpret the story within my work. Whether it's harsh criticism or soulless praise, it's not important to me.