The Nature of Gangneung : Sources of Inspiration

Nature... has always been my primary interest. Just observing it, nature approaches me with its inherent beauty. The grandeur of this nature, teeming with life, often raises countless questions within me. Rather than answering these questions, I wanted to express them through my art. And I want to share these questions with others.

When I paint landscapes, I aim to tell stories that combine the visible beauty with the inner struggles.

I live in the small coastal city of Gangneung , in Korea. The nature here always inspires me deeply, just as Van Gogh was captivated by Arles. The beauty of this place captivates me and never lets me put down my brush.

Walking through the pine forests by the seashore, it's as if magic suddenly makes my heart calm, and all complexity disappears. Mountains, lakes, flowers, trees... This is where my story as an artist begins and continues.

I always strive to understand this world. I want to understand this mysterious world through color, line, and shape. As always, this process includes an ongoing struggle with self doubt and internal biases.

Once again, I pick up the brush to convey this never ending story in my own way.